Monday, 12 March 2012

Enhanced Sketch 4

Here is my version of Jan & Wendy's MDS Club 4th enhanced sketch.  I have to admit the subject matter of this layout is pretty boring - I went to Queenstown last week for work and we stayed at the Hotel Kawarau, which is managed by Hilton Hotels, so you can imagine the quality.

Being a work trip, there wasn't any time for sightseeing - the meeting was held across the road at the Hilton Hotel and as soon as that was over, we took a water taxi into Queenstown proper.  After a couple of hours in a local bar then a restaurant, it was time to go back to the hotel to bed.  The next day was the second half of the meeting then straight to the airport.  So, getting a few quick shots of the hotel room was the extent of my photo op.




Janine said...

Oh, heck, in 40 years, this will be fascinating stuff! Just think of how the 1960s look now! Great job!

Wendybell said...

I agree with Jan ... this will be sooo nostalgic for everyone who looks at it! I especially like it when someone ELSE makes my bed!! Love the red/white/black color combo!